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About us

Our vision is simple: to build a sustainable, cleaner and healthier world for present and future generations.

We thrive on great challenges and keep humans always at the centre of our solutions. We overcome challenges by designing and developing innovative and sustainable digital solutions, while keeping the client tightly integrated in the product development process from ideation to delivery.

QUE Technologies was founded in 2019 by a diverse and dedicated group of passionate experts coming from the tech industry, the business world and academia. Since then, we have successfully delivered innovative products and services at the intersection of the built environment, digital technologies and energy infrastructure.

Our team holds a strong record in international large-scale cleantech projects and integrates multi-disciplinary backgrounds and academic excellence in energy, software engineering, physics, design, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies. We collectively possess significant experience in every stage of product development from R&D to market research and fast prototyping.


Data is the lingua franca of the future. Our solutions build on data and transform them into information, knowledge and actionable insights for the users. From energy management to decision-support in construction, we deliver data-driven solutions that drive the digital and green transition forward.



To accelerate the digital and green transition for a clean and healthy planet.



To deliver digital tools for greener and more affordable built environment and energy systems.



We are agile and innovative, goal-oriented and committed.



Our values are honesty, resilience, integrity, and sustainability.


Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on:
 3: Good health and well-being,7: Affordable and clean energy, 11: Sustainable cities and communities, 12: Responsible consumption and production, and 17: Partnerships for the goals.

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