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Our Projects

We bring our innovative touch to every R&D project, exploring impactful solutions to some of world’s most urgent problems.

QUE collaborates with leading public institutions and industry across Europe to support the achievement of the European Union’s ambitious targets on the digital and green transition with the ultimate aim to make Europe climate-neural by 2050. Our activities span the solution development pipeline: from applied research and rapid prototyping to Minimum Viable Product development and market testing. Some of our tools are under beta-testing in several hundred buildings across Europe to enhance their maturity and readiness for market launch.


Transactive energy is a new kind of energy market, operated by consumers, which will change the way energy is generated and consumed. Blockchain technology would serve as an ideal platform for the transactive electricity market, helping to ensure that diverse assets on the grid work together.


Grid integration of variable renewable energy sources poses major challenges with respect to system stability due to demand-supply imbalances. Energy communities are emerging as a promising element to promote citizen involvement in the energy transition.


The acceleration of digitalisation in lean building/infrastructure construction will facilitate the industrialisation of the construction sector.


As the EU moves towards sustainable energy, co-creation is the future of the energy service market. This entails a shift in the balance of power, turning customers into a new generation of collaborators and putting them at the heart of the energy sector.


Educational institutions can play a significant role in the fight against climate change. The EU-funded ECF4CLIM project will develop, test and validate a European Competence Framework (ECF) for transformational change to empower the educational community to act.


DATA CELLAR aims to create a public energy dataspace that will support the creation, development and management of LECs.


CHRONICLE will deliver a holistic, life-cycle performance assessment framework and tool-suite for different building variants, supporting sustainable design, construction and/or efficient renovation and investment decision making.


SmartLivingEPC project aims to deliver a certificate which will be issued with the use of digitized tools and retrieve the necessary assessment information for the building shell and building systems from BIM literacy, including enriched energy and sustainability related information for the as designed and the actual performance of the building.


REEFLEX is an EU-funded project that explores and tests new ways for small businesses and start-ups to offer flexible energy services to their customers. These services help energy users adjust their energy use in a cost-efficient manner and always according to their needs and preferences.


DE-RISK’s main purpose is to raise awareness on the renewable energy systems and local flexibility markets (LFMs) and contribute to the ambitious objective of unlocking up to 100GW of flexibility until 2030. DE-RISK embodies a multi-approach methodology aiming at the increase of customer engagement, the improvement of existing legislation and the actual implementation of LFMs with the usage of state-of-the-art energy tools. 

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