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As the EU moves towards sustainable energy, co-creation is the future of the energy service market. This entails a shift in the balance of power, turning customers into a new generation of collaborators and putting them at the heart of the energy sector. The EU-funded SENDER project will develop energy service applications for proactive demand response (DR), home automation convenience and security mechanisms. By engaging customers in a co-creation process, the project will shift DR from a reactive to a proactive approach. Consumer data will be collected and processed to identify typical consumption patterns, mirror them by digital twins (DTs) based on artificial intelligence technologies and aggregate the DTs' supply/demand characteristics.

Our role

Engaging citizens in the energy transition is a critical enabler of the EU’s decarbonisation strategy. QUE is creating the face of these complex technologies toward the citizen: the mobile app that enables citizens to enjoy energy and non-energy services in a user-friendly and intuitive manner and perceive value and utility from her active engagement in the energy transition.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant aggreement No. 957755

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