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Project Manager

At QUE TECHNOLOGIES we value our team and we offer:

  • A competitive salary package based on qualifications with fixed and performance based remuneration

  • Opportunity for you to grow and follow your career path within one of the most growing industries in Europe

  • The opportunity to collaborate with Europe’s top academic and industrial partners

  • Excellent working environment

  • Continuous education

  • Prospective of being part of a friendly, dynamic and passionate team

Job description:

We are looking for a Project Manager to lead efforts in the development and delivery of innovative ICT solutions and services in the energy field.

  • Plan and prioritise the company’s projects and strategic objectives

  • Perform technical coordination for medium and large scale projects – collecting and analyzing data, planning, coordinating team efforts in line with contractual provisions

  • Plan, supervise and contribute to the delivery of technical outcomes and their dependencies with task management tools

  • Create and maintain project documentation

  • Handle the project communication to all internal and external stakeholders

  • Collaborate with dev leads to estimate the resources needed to achieve project goals

    Desired abilities include:

  • Testing new AI algorithms and solutions using available data sets and evaluate their value for project requirements

  • Using state-of-the-art AI toolboxes to research and develop new solutions based on project requirements

Job requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or other Science Faculty from a well-respected University

  • Preferably a post-graduate degree in a discipline related to energy

  • Proven professional experience as a Project Manager, or in a similar role

  • Excellent communication, organizational, problem solving and time management skills

  • Fluency in the English language, both written and verbal

  • Innovative mindset & problem-solving skills

  • Strong sense of personal accountability and self-drive

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