QUE is a consulting, engineering and creative product design & development firm with the mission to deliver revolutionary ambient intelligence solutions that improve our daily lives. Our goal is to re-invent the interaction of humans with their surroundings by integrating IoT, AI and distributed intelligence technologies into human-centric smart home, smart office and smart city applications. QUE hedges the risk of bringing innovation to the market by keeping stakeholders tightly integrated in the product development process from ideation to delivery.

QUE offers a flexible IoT platform powered by a versatile, multi-protocol gateway and value-adding services, such as distributed intelligence and BI analytics over a range of delivery paradigms, including consulting services, custom product design or white-label products. This diversity caters to the needs of various market segments and facilitates rapid time-to-market of modern Internet-of-Energy solutions including smart home, smart office, smart city applications with minimum production costs and short time-to-value.




Leveraging the power of internet of things technologies, QUE offers integrated solutions and value adding services for end-to-end management of the built environment supporting the energy transition of buildings toward active homes and work-places. Building data acquisition enhances understanding and enables thorough management of building premises and operations.

A multi-purpose and multi-protocol gateway - compatible with the vast majority of existing off-the-shelf sensors, meters and actuators - is the foundation of cost-efficient solutions that reuse existing legacy infrastructure and fuse information from diverse sources to provide a comprehensive view of the building operations and energy consumption as well as advanced controllability of large energy loads.


QUE offers a distributed intelligence framework combining AI, IoT and blockchain suitable for a wide range of decentralized business applications. A unique integration of AI enhanced smart contracts with off-chain IoT enabled components in a single framework offers increased flexibility, efficiency, scalability, security and autonomy of complex, distributed IoT ecosystems. The QUE AI enhanced smart contracts framework facilitates the establishment of novel business models where businesses can setup and optimize the delivery of decentralized services based on a trusted and flexible framework that manages how, when and where services are executed and shared in an automated and self-organized smart autonomous systems. Increased intelligence, autonomy and control is critical to many IoT applications.

QUE offers solutions for streamlined and efficient processing of multisensorial information from a wide variety of off-the-shelf ambient sensors and automated triggering of specific system transactions in a wide variety of Internet-of-Energy applications (flexible credits, dynamic tarrifs & automated billing).



As our understanding of human physiology advances, so should our demand for biologically-optimised homes. Visual and thermal discomfort induce numerous effects on human physiology, cognitive performance and mood. Feeling comfortable is one of the main constituents of a healthy living environment. As living standards progress, maintaining comfortable conditions in indoor environments requires ever increasing energy expenditures. This does not have to be the case though.

QUE brings the results of many years of scientific research into a single revolutionary adaptive control framework that offers truly human centric control balancing the non-visual effects of human optimized lighting with adaptive thermal comfort to turn every building into a truly intelligent and adaptive environment. QUE human centric control technology automatically and efficiently transforms energy into personalised, comfortable indoor environments for humans. It optimally shapes the energy consumption profile to deliver comfort when the building is occupied while saving in times of idleness.


Harnessing the power of data, QUE visual analytics tools allow Smart Grid actors to gain deep insights about the energy performance of assets or clients and support decision making processes for the participation of distributed demand sources in the energy markets. These BI enable the assessment of building demand potential for ancillary services and to define optimal management strategies for their integration in the energy system.

Aggregators can on-the-fly assemble, monitor and manage Virtual Power Plants from small distributed loads;

Energy Service Companies and Facility Managers can evaluate the energy performance of buildings at real-time; Building Residents can understand their energy usage patterns and opportunities to improve efficiency.

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The team integrates multi-disciplinary backgrounds, business expertise in the utilities industry  and academic excellence in electrical, electronics and software engineering, physics/lighting, distributed ledger technologies, machine learning and IoT technologies. We have successfully delivered innovative products and services during the past years based on a foundation of human-centric technologies and have a strong track record in international R&D activities.

The team collectively possesses significant further experience in the early stages of the new product development pipeline – from R&D to market research, fast prototyping and IP protection.



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